My First Day in Penang Free School

I have heard of Penang Free School when I was young however I never really paid much attention to the school and never asked anyone about it as well. After my SRP results was released I celebrated with my friends when we went to Assumption school to collect our results. Assumption School has always been special… Read More »

Six Key Areas That Need An External Consultant

The question that always arises in an organization is which areas that you really need to engage an external consultant. There will be many possible areas as an organization which is huge will tend to want to stop leakages in as many areas as possible. However what is important to note is that which are… Read More »

Ten Reasons Why You Need An External Consultant

There are a few companies that employ external consultants for jobs which many thought could be handled by the in house expertise. There are also some who never like the ideas of using external consultants for many of the known reasons within the business fraternity. Here are ten reasons why external consultants do a better… Read More »

Ten Reasons Why Working in a Smaller Team is more Effective

Some people prefer to work in big teams while there are others who prefer to work in smaller teams. Whether it’s big or small the primary yardstick should be efficiency. Here are ten reasons why working in smaller teams increase efficiency Effective  communication Communication is the biggest challenge. If there s a multi layered structure… Read More »

Why the Project A Man and His Wallet & other stories?

A Man and His Wallet & other stories took seven months to complete. From the first draft until the finished product itself yet its journey could be traced back about two years ago during an unplanned encounter across the Causeway. I first saw Yeoh Herr-Ling when he walked into the class inPenang Free School one… Read More »

The story behind the imprint LiveFree

LiveFree, an imprint of the author, personifies the freedom of choice and the courage to decide. Take the leapt of faith and live life to the fullest. As clearly depicted by the photograph of a maze in the front and back cover, we are faced with numerous possibilities every second of our life has to… Read More »

The Guest Artists in the Book Launch A Man and His Wallet & other stories

Chaing YiLing, is a Penangite lady whose singing talents has been developed and cultivated at a very young age. Straight A’s student during her secondary school days, Chaing YiLing won the Margaret Pascoe Singing Scholarship to study in Hungary for her Masters Degree in Music. While studying in Birmingham Conservatoire, she also won the Ella… Read More »