The Magical Six

When I was young, I had this habit of exploring the realms of my creativity when most people are a sleep. Nocturnal as you might say. Yet it is  when almost everybody is sleeping, then the creative juices start to blossom. Equipped only with an old fashioned typewriter, I searched my mind for the kind… Read More »

Perhitungan Terakhir

I walked into the bookshop searching for a particular type of magazine. I found it after a while. In an impatient manner, I flipped over the pages quickly.    I didn’t know what I would find. When I found it, I remembered my heart leapt for joy. I was laughing. Probably not hysterically. As I did… Read More »

The rebirth of Topeng

It took me three weeks to complete the manuscript. Exploring the world of my own and extending the boundaries of my creativity furthest possible. I wrote. And I wrote.                             The only break was for meals and other necessities in life. It was a semester break. A perfect time to find solace and tranquility from within. Seeking none… Read More »

A Man and His Wallet & other stories in Kosmo

I couldn’t sleep well the night before. Every since I received the phone call out from the blue I was already one cloud nine. Maybe ten if there is such a scale. I was really excited.                                                                         Yet I knew that I had to keep my eyes shut so as to catch a few hours of… Read More »

A gem in the train

I didn’t notice him until I heard him talking to a young lady next to me. There were many people waiting to catch the next train. He was chatting happily with her. He enquired about the furthest train station away from town and was amazed at how far the last station was and even heard… Read More »

Doodle for A Man and His Wallet & other stories

The initial sets of doodles are much more abstract and invites the reader to visualize within their own creative mind on what does the doodle actually represent and what kind of message would it like to convey. Yet sometimes when its too abstract it can be difficult to comprehend let alone appreciated. Then again the set… Read More »

The Sketches In A Man and His Wallet & other stories

In working on A Man and His Wallet & other stories project, I decided that the stories should be interspersed with sketches that focus on human emotions. The primary thrust would still be the stories however I thought the sketches would add uniqueness to the story. I experimented with the first batch of sketches and decided… Read More »

Growing Up – The Kindergarden Graduate

In our every day life, we meet different kinds of people. Somehow someway a few of them will have an impact in our lives especially the ones that opened up the horizon of our thoughts subconsciously. These are the ones that taught us a thing or two about life in its most precious way, one that se never… Read More »

A Man and His Wallet & other stories – Newspaper Review

A Man and His Wallet & other stories is a collection of 28 stories primarily about growing up. It’s primary themes include unconditional love, strength of family bonds, righteous moral values, respect for the elderly, passion for life and the inherent potential of self belief.   Its a straight forward, no holds barred approach to the subject… Read More »

50 Best Malaysian Titles for International Rights 2016/17

When I received a phone call last year informing me that A Man and His Wallet & other stories has just been selected as one of the 50 Best Titles for International Rights 2016/17 I jumped for join. Yet gravity was strong enough to ensure that I kept my feet on the ground. I didn’t… Read More »